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Em at Airport


Its about 2’o clock in night and em sitting in waiting lodge of Abu Dhabi Airport. I think flight may be late so its good to write some thing here. I always have excited while travelling back to Pakistan. This tour to Pakistan is very special for me. But my life always have a sudden turn at the eleventh hour so still em not sure about my———-. 😉

It is first time, I’m travelling from Abu Dhabi Airport. I was stunned when I entered the airport coz I just for a moment found myself  in Peshawar. There are only Pathans. There are total three flights to Pakistan tonight one to Islamabad, the second one to Lahore via Peshawar and other one to Peshawar. So u can imagine how much Abu Dhabi is populated by Pathans. But realy it  looks good to see so many Pakistanis abroad Pakistan in Shalwar Qameez. 🙂