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My today activity


I’ve fever for last 4 days, very tough days for me, new city, new job, trainings, fever and ramazan. Its so difficult to manage all these. After eid every thing will come to in proper order. 😦
Today I went to dubai in morning, attended training with fever them come back in hurry coz I’ve an official task here at 3 pm, it was so tough even I couldn’t take my med, I just ve took at 4.30 pm.
Above all new tension when I used my ATM card for money it was blocked 😳 coz there was some huge fraud, here in UAE through ATM so on inaquring they told me they will replace in next few daz, O Mery Rabba…………… 😥
Most shoking thing is that usually I don’t keep enoug cash with me. So imagine no money, I’m on the way,  😯 It was horrible………………
Thanx to Trans AD, 😉 its free tranportation so I got bus no 32 which dropped me near my office then I went to emirates general market, bought lemon juice, vita milk and fish fillete.
After reaching office I went into prayer room, locked from inside, sat on carpet(chokry mar kay, 😀 punjabi style of sitting) and took my, U can say, bereakfast cum brunch like that ok. 😐
Asma asked me How are you these days? 🙂 rather quiet.
Its the story Asma, its so long so I thought to post it,  😛 may be it’ll help in ice breaking too. 😆