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Hope never dies


I strongly believe in hopes. I think that hope keeps you alive. Hope gives you courage. Hope builds confidence within ourselves. Hope also keeps alive our heart and mind. It also helps alot to improve  ourself and also to do efforts for the developement and improvement of our society. Thats why I believe in hopes.

When I observe Pakistan’s sweare situation and unstable circumtances at all levels. I just fall in deep sorrow. But, at very next moment, hope comes in my heart and  says,

"Man, don’t wory, If yesterday passed, today will also pass. After this dark day, a bright day will come when dawn will spread its light and you’ll open eyes and that day people of your motherland will happy, enjoying good life and living peacefully.”

But hope then stops for a moment and speaks again, "You’ll sacrifice your today for your better tomorrow.” She disappeared by saying this.

Every word of this hope has left within me. I’m planning to sacrifice my today in order to enjoy better tomorrow. May ALLAH  guide and help me to do so.