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A letter to Prime Minister


A letter to Prime Minister from the SDPI

ISLAMABAD: (March 13, 2009) While assuring its full support for strengthening and making the democracy functional in Pakistan, the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, on behalf of civil society, has suggested the Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani in a letter that he as an elected head of the government should advise the President to bring an immediate end to governor rule in the Punjab and allow members of Punjab assembly to elect their future Chief Minister without ado. “We sincerely believe that your timely intervention can stop the societal disintegration of Pakistan,” the letter adds. 


The letter also suggests that the Prime Minister should use the parliamentary forum to nullify the illegal and unconstitutional act of November 3, 2007 through which a state of emergency was pronounced by the then Chief of the Army Staff in the country. “This precedent, if not revoked, has a huge potential to be repeated by any Chief of Army Staff whether in near or far future. Being unanimously elected leader of the house, you have the mandate and support of all political parties and democratic forces to restore the constitution of 1973 in its original spirit and form so that a true federal parliamentary system of governance be ensured in the country”, SDPI further suggests.


It demands that Prime Minister should advise the President of Pakistan to use his special powers to do away with the disqualification of Sharif brothers from taking part into politics as an instant confidence-building measure. The letter further seeks that the political parties, treasurery as well as opposition, should respect the mandate of each other, work together to strengthen the federal parliamentary system, and resolve their differences in the Parliament rather than entering into hidden deals. The government should respect opposition’s constitutional and legal right of peaceful protests and demonstrations and no third force should use the current political confrontation as an excuse to derail the democratic process in Pakistan.


SDPI has written this letter to Primer Minister after a consultative process where representatives from all walks of life including development sector, academia, media, trade unions, women right and human rights activists, economists, foreign affairs specialists, and peace activists who terming the situation as ‘explosive and disappointing’ expressed their great concerns over the current political situation and its internal and external implications not only for democracy alone but also for the future of nation and county.