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Long Live Pakistan


Pakistan is under words attacks by Americans, what ever concerns we’ve with present leadership of Pakistan, but we’re with you against any foreign elements.

Pak Sar Zameen!!


Our Judiciary is Independent now!


It is a good news for a common Pakistani, at least there is a single institution to whom one can expect for the welfare of the public and better life style in Pakistan. The tasks which are supposed to be done by Parliment are being done by Supreme Court.

SC gives govt one week to reduce POL prices

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday directed the government to reduce petroleum and gas prices to reasonable levels within a week and submit compliance report with the SC registrar.

Appearing on notice, Attorney General Sardar Latif Khosa assured the court that oil and gas prices would be reduced within a week and brought in line with international rates after consultations with the prime minister. The SC was hearing constitutional petitions against the hike in petroleum prices and overcharging by the government on petroleum products. Two petitions from politicians had also challenged the price-fixing mechanism of POL prices.

Source: Daily Times

Happy Pakistan Day


Another Pakistan Day, another year of darkness which this so called nation is facing, another  turmoil, another landmark of misgovernace has achived, another poverty line has crossed, another list of crises, another joke to people of Pakistan, another sacrifice of Dr Aafia, another rule of power, another bruise to the soul of  Iqbal, another hit on the body of Jinnah, another …………………………………….so many another…………………………….another  HAPPY PAKISTAN DAY