Shehr hota hai ab mahino main
Zindgi dhal gai ab machino main
Payr ki roshni nahin milti
In makano main, in makino main
Dekh ker dosti ka hath barhao
Sanp hotey hian in aastino main
Qaher ki aankh se na dekh in ko
Dil dharktey hian aabgino main
Aasmano ki khair ho ya rab
Ik nia azam hai zamino main
Woh muhabbat nahin rahi JALIB
Ham safeeron main, ham nashino main


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  1. Hi Murtaza! You’ve got great fantasies about the youth of this nation coz I believe too that its youth whom we can look upto in order to move this country towards a position of great heights. We inshallah will spare no effort to make this country gleam on the horizon of this world…

    Go well and have a good time out there!

  2. hmm.. Yup Aadil time is flying. What I learnt we should be well equiped to catch the time. But it’s most difficult task Coz most of us wait for time. They don’t know time is flying.

  3. Tagging you today – I dug up old photos from christmas here last year and also wrote about them – you have to read the post as a sample on my blog (Christmas 2007 in dubai…), then dig up old pics at your end, post them and also give info about them.

    Lets see how you see things from your camera’s eye

  4. O thanx goonga jee sada hal poochan da. Nahin yar main eid per nahin coz of some family matters. Main us janjal pura filhal door rehna chahta hoon.
    Janab aaj kal aap kidher hain koi khair khaber he nahin.

  5. AoA, Very nice blog you have dear , i am new to blogging world And looking for some Friends . Would you like to add me in your blog roll ? Please Tell me if you are interested just leave a comment on my blog if you are interested . thanks in advance

  6. Awan Sahib, I was wondering if I could had some gupshup with you but janab ki koi khair khabar hi nahi!
    I am here till this week now and I dont have your contact number either.

  7. @Rashid sahib sorry yar mian kuch dino se bilkul out of touch tha. Thats why I couldn’t reply. Em in Pak these days. Still staying because of some family issues. Where’r u these days??????????

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