Kerry-Lugar Bill: What the reality?


These days debates are going on in various forums including the Parliament on  Kerry-Lugar Bill. On one side presidential desk defending it strongly by claiming that it is one of the biggest achievement of the present democratic government. They’re saying that public has misconception in this regard.

According to their understanding, first of all it is the legislation passed bye the US’s congress so we the Government of Pakistan hasn’t any sort of agreement or treaty with US, that’s why it isn’t binding on us. Secondly,they argue that the bill has two kind of assistance, first is civillian  assistance which is $ 1.5 billion upto 5 years which becomes $ 7.5 billion and the second one is military which is $ 3 billion over the same period and the conditionalities are only on military aid. Next argue is that whatever the conditions, these are in accordance with the policies of  Pakistan like nuclear proliferation, terrorism etc,  so it doesn’t matter for us. They also claim if we reject the foreign aid, we can’t survive more than two weeks. These are the main arguments in favor of the bill.

Now on the other hand, the segment which is opposing the bill includes opposition parties, army, media and public in large. One of the most considerable argument  is that we accept that Muridke and Quetta are the terrorist base operation in the region including India.  The bill also allows US to direct access to any Pakistani national on the issue of nuclear proliferation. It also allows US to intervene in Pak Army’s affairs.  Last but not the least argue in this regard is that this aid is ‘aatey mian namak k brabar’ as compare to losses which we’ve in the war of terror.

Conclusion :-

Firstly, the language which is used in the bill is insulting if one see as a Pakistani which in not acceptable at all. Secondly, if the Govt. of Pakistan is not a party in the bill then why they are defending it blindly. They should allow to all concern segments to give their point of view on the bill and then they should take a stance in the light of public opinion. Leaders are dealer in hopes but Pakistani leaders are dealer in begging so when there will come a full stop in this dirty job?  Now the bill is now ‘gallay ki haddi’ for both the presidential desk as well as Obama’s government.


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